Mortek Crawler Warhammer Age of Sigmar


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The arcane catapult known as the Mortek Crawler delivers death from afar with terrifying accuracy. It can fire hails of necrotic skulls that bite and gnaw, send soul-tearing spirits into the foe, or hurl weighty blocks graven with curses that can kill the mighty in an instant.

Choose from necrotic skulls, cauldron of torment or cursed stele each time the dread catapult is fired. The latter ammunition becomes even more deadly as the Mortek Crawler is damaged – the power of vengeance growing stronger. The catapult arm of the kit can be built raised, as if firing, or in a lowered position for reloading – either way, it can be left unglued, allowing the arm to pivot.

This 63-part plastic kit makes one Mortek Crawler and comes supplied with a 170mm Citadel oval base.

How to paint Mortek Crawler 


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