Naruto Itachi Figurine


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Could Naruto Uzumaki and his teacher Kakashi Hatake be any more different? Naruto is full of nonsense and never misses the opportunity for a joke, while Kakashi, with his calm manner and mysterious charisma, often seems almost apathetic. But both are not to be underestimated: They are strong, loyal, and only want the best for Konoha. Their friendship and their cooperation in Team 7 are the perfect proof that opposites attract!
A contrast to them is Itachi Uchiha, a member of the Akatsuki criminal organisation. As the most talented shinobi, who had already mastered the Sharingan at the tender age of eight, he was the great hope of his clan – until he murdered them all. But behind Itachi’s calm and impenetrable façade there is a lot more than meets the eye.

This collectible figure is based on his anime originals down to the smallest detail in the scale of 1:10, from the dynamic poses to the folds in the fabric of their clothes. Itachi, wearing the red cloud of the Akatsuki on his black cloak, hovers above a base in the shape of that very cloud.


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