Oakie Doakie Dice D20 Spindown Dice Set Enclave


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Our D20 Spindown dice make counting much easier. The best of both worlds: solid on the outside, translucent in between. These dice might remind you of a meandering river which flows on and on through the wilderness – perfect for anyone who is up for adventures and ready to face the unknown!

D20 Spindown dice are available in sets of five and are packed in strong, high-quality boxes with removable trays so you can easily take them with you and play wherever you want to. Use these dice to keep track of your life points during a card game.

• A mix of solid and translucent colours to create a river affect.
• Case fit perfectly into the Ultimate Guard® Flip’n’Tray 80.
• Each Dice has 20 sides.

• 5 x D20 Spindown Dice


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