Battle Spirits Saga Saviour of Chaos Booster Box


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Nova is back with double symbols!
Double symbol spirits have two symbols in the bottom right corner of the card. Those symbols allow these extremely powerful cards to not only count as two symbols for cost reduction but also reduce your opponent’s life by two with a single attack! In addition to Nova, other spirits from each color who have shown up in BSS03 or earlier sets are also included as double symbol spirits!

Way more variety of Special Rares and Saga Rares!
With 18 Special Rares and 2 Saga Rares, this set has twice the variety of previous booster sets!
BSS is even more collectable now with so many new cards with amazing, vivid card art!

Get an illustrator signature parallel card as a box topper!
Rare cards from this set specially designed with the illustrator’s signature are included as box toppers!
1 of 6 types in every box!


  • 283 Types Total
  • Common (normal/holo ver.) × 68
  • Uncommon (normal/holo ver.) × 32
  • Rare (normal/holo ver.) × 24
  • X Rare × 15
  • Special Rare × 18
  • Saga Rare × 2


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