I wanted a local portal for nerds and geeks of all fan bases to come together, and enjoy what they love with other fans

-Bridie, The Nerd Hut Founder

The Nerd Hut is the result of one important thing – passion. The store has been developed out of a love of pop culture and comics and encompasses just what the founder wants it to under one roof – To unite anyone who loves the pages of a new comic, the excitement of a new game or the latest detailed figure.

The vision for the Nerd Hut was to give anyone easy access to all those “nerd portals” and allow a better route for fans old and new to meet, learn and take part in all their favourite hobbies. It was clear to the founder that this was lacking in the local area, so whats better then to develop the idea herself and give local fans that chance in a market that is always at the fore front of entertainment and the hobby world.


When we think of the Mission of the store it is evident in its concept and design that it’s to be a wide part of the community. We want to see new and old fans join together and come to the store as well as introducing new fans to it all. On top of that, boosting the local economy as the shop is hoping to be a great focal point of the town in times to come.


We aim to provide a wide range of products that cross all barriers, themes and types from comics to apparel, and everything nerdy in between. With ever changing and constantly up to date stock, a personalised service and an overall sense of getting to the heart of the inner nerd of each customer….there is no other place to go!

And if we don’t stock what you are looking for, then we will work with you to seek out what you need at the best possible price. From initial query to the moment you are home, the service we will provide will be with your interests as a priority supported by the passion of the founder.


The Nerd Hut is a new venture, but plans to expand are in place to make it the place to be for your favourites from film, TV, books, comics and all around pop culture. Take a look around, indulge in your guilty pleasures and contact us with any questions, needs or just to connect.