Battle Spirits Saga Saviour of Chaos Booster


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Mandala’s madness put the imperial army back on top. Using their superior numbers in combination with
that decisively deadly Barrage gave them an unquestionable advantage.
The arrival of one spirit on the battlefield would turn that around: Siegwurm Nova.
—Imperial Chronicle Year 254, Page 57

Introducing powerful spirits with two symbols!
Deal a powerful hit to your opponent and seize victory!

The first appearance of double symbol spirits!

BSS04 introduces double symbol spirits with two symbols in the lower right corner! These extremely powerful spirits with double symbols can provide double the cost reduction when using cards and even deal two damage at once when attacking your opponent!

Evangelion Collaboration Cards!

These collab cards come in two rarities: Collaboration Rare and Collaboration X Rare!These are BSS04 cards with Evangelion card art!With many different Evangelion collab cards available, it’ll be easy to get your hands on them.Look forward to the upcoming reveal of the card designs!


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