Citadel Base Paint


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Base paints are the foundation of the Classic Method of painting. The high pigment count of these paints means they provide excellent coverage, giving you a base of rich colour to paint over.

  • Specially formulated to provide a solid basecoat with a high pigment count
  • Smooth matt finish
  • Pot size: 12ml
  • Pick up a Base brush for best results

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Abaddon Black, Averland Sunset, Balthasar Gold, Barak-Nar Burgundy, Castellan Green, Corax White, Death Guard Green, Death Korps Drab, Grey Seer, Kantor Blue, Khorne Red, Iron Hands Steel, Iron Warriors, Leadbelcher, Macragge Blue, Mechanicus Standard Grey, Mephiston Red, Mournfang Brown, Night Lords Blue, Retributor Armour, Rhinox Hide, Runelord Brass, Waaagh! Flesh, Wraithbone, XV-88, Zandri Dust


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