EXIT Kids: Riddles in Monsterville


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Watch out! The cookie monsters are loose and they are hungry! They have stolen ten cookie jars from your neighbourhood! You bravely follow them to colourful Monsterville. The monsters want to reward your courage and set you some tricky riddles to get the cookie jars back. What are you waiting for? Solve these monstrous riddles together!

A riddle adventure in Monsterville! Working together or by themselves, children ages five and up can solve various riddles to retrieve the stolen cookie jars. In each round, six different types of puzzles, which are shown on 36 illustrated, large-format cards, are combined in new ways. Thus, the game is replayable, offering a new gaming experience in each round. A playful introduction to get young players started in the EXIT: The Game series.

Difficulty Level: Kids!

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