PREORDER: Harley Quinn #42 (Cover C Ben Harvey Variant)


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Available on July 23, 2024
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Let’s be honest; I ain’t always the easiest ta get along with. Hey, don’t agree so fast! You ain’t exactly the bee’s knees yerself! Okay, where was I–oh yeah, ON THE RUN! My scientific study on villainous villains has gone all KINDS of wrong, and I’ve made myself a whole lotta enemies in a real short time: Mistah Freeze! Robin! And worst of all, this new cop Pulaski, who’s got a target aimed smack dab at my head. Don’t shoot my head, Pulaski! I LOVE my head! And assumin’ Pulaski doesn’t shoot my lovely head, step inside it for a lovely story about the power of readin’ books and why burnin’ em is no good (TERRIBLY inefficient as a fuel source)–as brought to you by the librarians who keep kickin’ me out of the video section–Joanne Starer and Marcial Toledano Vargas!

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