PREORDER: Incredible Hulk #13


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Available on June 12, 2024
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After smashing into STRANGE ACADEMY to save Charlie’s life, DOCTOR VOODOO has sent the souls of both Hulk AND Banner into an exorcist’s soul cage, where some of the most terrifying beings on Earth have been condemned for eternity. There they’ll seek Charlie’s last chance for survival: SUMUNGARU THE FLESH-WEAVER, one of the most evil sorcerers to ever live. Even if Hulk doesn’t murder Banner first and even if they survive the encounter with Sumungaru, can Hulk and Banner convince such an evil creature to save Charlie? And what will it ask in return? One chapter ends, another begins in this pivotal issue!

Rated T+

(W) Phillip Kennedy Johnson (A/CA) Nic Klein (P) Marvel Comics


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