Marvel Crisis Protocol: Brotherhood of Mutants Affiliation Pack


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“Felonious Fellowship”

Many a mutant has turned to the X-Men for a steady hand and calm home. But many others aren’t seeking peace; and where there are mutants looking for bedlam, the Brotherhood of Mutants’ door is always open. Revenge, justice, or even a simple love of action could motivate members to join. The Brotherhood of Mutants has a roster as diverse as their shifting goals, and the raw power to back up any punches they throw.

Recruit your own Brotherhood of Mutants for your games of Marvel: Crisis Protocol with the Brotherhood Affiliation Pack. In this box you will find highly detailed miniatures for Mystique, Magneto, Sabretooth, and Toad. With Stat Cards and Team Tactic Cards to match, your Squad will be ready to claim what’s theirs.


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