PRERORDER: Ms. Marvel: Annual #1


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Available on July 31, 2024
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Hero or Villain? That’s the question Multitude must answer as he stands at the crossroads of his own destiny, bonded to one of the Infinity Stones and brimming with power but no purpose. Will a run-in with Ms. Marvel be enough to tip the scales toward good, or will Multitude’s guilt drag him down? Don’t miss out as the Marvel Universe-shaking saga continues here, True Believers! PLUS, Derek Landy and Sara Pichelli bring NICK FURY into the story. But what ties him to the INFINITY WATCH?!”
Rated T+

(W) Sabir Pirzada, Vellani, Iman (A) Belviso, Giada, Sara Pichelli (CA) Salvador Larroca (P) Marvel

Cover subject to change


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