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Warren Worthington III, better known as the hero Angel, was a member of the X-Men until the evil Apocalypse transformed him into the Archangel of Death. After a great amount of effort, Angel managed to escape Apocalypse’s influence, but he still struggles to control the powerful—and brutal—Archangel persona within him. Now, he soars into battle alongside the members of X-Force, wielding his power as both Angel and Archangel for the forces of good.

Fantasy Flight Games is proud to announce the Angel Hero Pack for Marvel Champions: The Card Game!

This mighty mutant flies into the fray with this expansion pack, which introduces Angel as a new playable hero alongside his fifteen signature cards and two different hero forms. With a pre-built Protection deck ready for takeoff right away, you’ll be able to shield your allies from harm from  the moment you open the box. With his adaptable nature and plethora of Aerial events, Angel is one hero who can rise to any challenge.

Soaring Wings

With his utility in his normal form and the ability to tap into Archangel’s offensive power, there is no mistaking that Angel is a strong hero who can bring his own Aerialfocused style to any team. Look forward to picking up the Angel Hero Pack alongside Psylocke when both of them release this September!


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